Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Short film view

This movie was made in the Greek islands.The main Characters were the female Octopus and the male Octopus!

The female octopus and the male octopus were in love then suddenly a chief grabbed the female octopus. The male octopus was looking at the truck and it had a symbol. The symbol was the male octopus`s imagination, he imagined that the female octopus was going to get sliced by a chef.

The octopus was chasing after the female. The male octopus was on the van trying to reach the other side of the van so he can rescue the octopus. When he got to the window the chef wiped him out then it was a dangerous battle. Then After The female was free and he help the other octopus, they were both helping each other. Suddenly again they got caught, but the chef`s van went in the water and the octopus were stuck on a power line then a Eagle came and took him away!

It was cool watching the movie. I though the main message of the film was to not mess with octopus! 

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