Thursday, 11 April 2013

Monster on the motorway2

Monster on the Motorway

By Jonson and Peh So

Main Characters:
Mr and Mrs Timms,Joseph,Michel and Police Officer,Baby,Black dog,Truck driver.

It set in Mr timms classroom and The motorway.

Mr timms was going have a monster day on monday. He handed out newspapers of Costumes that they can wear.

The Problem was that there was a Traffic Jam on the Motorway. There was a baby crying,a dog barking and a truck driver that fainted. When he look at the back of him he saw what the noise was, and it was an lion and the how he fainted.
Mrs timms had to drop off Mr timms to work because Mr timms didn't want anyone to notice him when he got to his class at school. But then there was a traffic jam and some people were trying to see what the sound was.

Then there was a Police officer that thought there was a real lion but it was Mr Timms in a costume that was an lion.

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