Thursday, 11 April 2013

Me Jonson and peh so in our Fiafia groups

In our Fiafia groups Me Peh So and Jonson were In Jump Jam for Fiafia and There were 5 rows of lines that we sit on.We were doing Party rock anthem for our song but there was a boy Called Mohammed he was in the same class as Me Peh So and Jonson. Mohammed was being silly because he didn,t know the moves for the song so someone had to help him but then when the song came on he started know some.

We to do freestyle Me peh so and Jonson were doing anything but we were going all out.
But there was a song that was before the Party rock anthem but that one was quite hard.
But then we did well.

Thank our teacher Miss walters and miss nachos.
BY Peh so and Jonson

I hope you enjoy Jump Jam.

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